Claudia Collections "Antiques Detective"


Claudia Collections offers the opportunity to find those special 17th , 18th & 19th Century European Antique Furniture & Antique Accesoiries, next to 20th Century Vintage & Design Pieces you have always been searching for.

Including those unique decorative antique furniture & vintage furniture, antique lighting & vintage lighting, antique accessories & vintage accessories that turn up every so often.

As Claudia Collections is always in close contact with her large network of dealers, merchants and restorers, the piece you fancy is always within your grasp.

Claudia Collections has life-long experience searching through castles, houses, cottages, warehouses, garages, basements, etc. ... but she can also be found scouring the well renounced auction houses and antique showrooms both online and offline.

One place an Antiques Detective should never forget about are those typical odd local auction houses and fleamarkets to be on the haunt for those unique and special treasures.

Well, Claudia Collections knows were to go!!

Would you like to join Claudia Collections in the haunt for those hidden gems or like us to help you find that one illusive piece you always had your eye on but could never obtain?!?

Please let us know what your hunting for and let us can help you get lucky.

Or let us know if you have any other questions   Contact Us

Kind Regards,

Claudia Willems

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