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Daniel D'Haeseleer
Born 1947; He is a belgian 3 dimensional artist.
He loves working with copper and messing

Wall decoration
Gipsy cart
Copper & messing

In very good condition

Size cm: 35H x 49W x 11D
Size inches: 14H x 19.5W x 4.5D


Madonna and child 

Ceramic tile art

Mid century religious art


Signed - 1970's

Oak wooden frame

Pristine condition

Size centimeters: 44,5H x 15,5W

Size inches: 17.51H x 6.10W


Oil on canvas

Fiona O'Farrell

Still life Cherries

Signed front and back

Size inches: 47H x 32W

Size centimeters: 120H x 80W


Modern painting

Texture Art

Roger Remaut
Ostend Belgium 1942

'Vitesse Maurice'

Dated 4-8-'90

Size inches: 52H x 40W

Size centimeters: 131H x 101W

" Roger Remaut (ostend, 17 august 1942) is a Belgian painter (material art). Using mixed media (acrylics) his works are construction of material incorporating objects, texture, layers of paint and graffiti. The painting are built up slowly with may layers of matter and paint. ... Remit invented himself as an artist by abandoning the constraints of traditional teaching and evolving his own distance style .... His paintings depict emotions, moods and feelings. He is a recording instrument; painting reflections of his own surroundings....."
Source: Saatchiart.com


Modern artwork

Acrylic on plexi


"je n'exagère pas"
Translation: I do not exaggerate

Size inches: 30W x 79H
Size cm: 75W x 200H


Acrylic on canvas

African kneeling woman

Signed NY' Bandoki

Wooden frame

Painted on recycled flower bag

Size in centimeters: 67.5H x 34W

Size inches: 26.57H x 13.38W


Wide view painting of boats
oil on canvas
Signed but unreadable

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 
Size cm: 28cm High x 122cm long


Abstract Painting, acrylic on canvas, by Ph de Kerckhove



Mid 20th Century

Size inches:  20 x 16
Size centimeters: 50H x 40W


Slamm! Deborah Azzopardi - Pop Art - 1999

Pop Art panel
Binggg-Bonggg by Deborah Azzopardi printed in the EU
door Felix Rosenstiel's Widow & Son Limited

Late 20th Century

Little damage left upper corner

Size inches: 20'H x 27.5'W x 0.5'D

Size centimeters: 50H x 70W x 1D


Pair chinoiserie wooden panels depicting the oriental mountains and river.

Beautiful blue and gold colors.
Condition is good but it does have some chips but it almost 100 years old too

20th century - 1920's

Size inches: 8H x 8W x 1D
Size centimeters: 21H x 21B x 3D


Modern painting by M. Therese De Bieven

Oil on paper
behind glass
Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 36'H x 27'W
Size cm: 92cm H x 69cm B


Modern painting by Jean Teymen

Dated 1996

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 35H x 28W
Size centimeters: 90H x 70W


Modern painting by Jef Reynders

Dated 1992

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 32H x 28W 
Size centimeters: 80H x 70W


Modern painting by H. Catteau

Dated 1961

Frame with gold accents

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 26H x 32W
Size centimeters: 67H x 82W


Modern painting, oil on silk, mixed techniques

G. Cazzaniga

'Lazz Man'

Dated 1960

Needs some restauration

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 31H x 25W
Size centimeters: 80H x 64W


Modern composition, oil on canvas, mixed techniques

Christine Leclercq


Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 28H x 20W
Size centimeters: 70H x 50W


Modern painting

Oil on canvas, Cordan, Sailboats

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 31.5'H x 47'W

Size centimeters: 82H x 122W


Modern stillife painting by Joseph Dumont, signed and dated november 1993

Oil on canvas in gild gold frame

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 45H x 51W 
Size centimeters: 115H x 130W


Silkscreen Serigraphy

Mondrian composition no. 3 from 1929

Made in 1983 by

Nouvelles Images sa Editeurs - 45700 Lombrieul - France

Very good condition - paper is slightly discolored - see photos

Screen printing is an ancient printing technique that dates back to 1000 AD

Size centimeters: 71H x 71W

Size inches: 27.95H x 27.95W


Painting by Christian Brasseur. Oil on canvas - Irises. Born in 1940 in Bouillion Belgium. Student from the Vresse-sur-Semois school. First expo at les salons de "La Glycine" in 1983.

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 24H x 12W
Size centimeters: 60H x 30B


Round golden mirror with lighting, eighties

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 26,5
Size centimeters: 67


Large modern painting

Rearvieuw mirror, oil on canvas.
1980's colors purple, light blue, yellow.

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 48H x 59W
Size centimeters: 123H x 149W


Bernard - mixed technique painting.

Paint on embossed aluminum.
Sunset Grashoppers

Religious painting

Late 20th Century

Size inches: 24.5H x 17W
Size centimeters: 62H x 44W


Abstract painting by Johan Desimpele.
Oil on paper, mixed technique in pristine condition.
Stamp with name and cross.

De Simpel Johan, Kortrijk 1949.
Education at Sint-Lucas in Ghent and husband of painter and graphic artists Moniek Gheysens.

Desimpel's works often seem to contain messages in secret imagery; signs and symbols that portray an atmosphere of mystery. He mainly works in large formats and is very boisterous with paint.

20th century

Size inches: 34.5H x 28.5W
Size centimeters: 88H x 72W