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Bean Bag

Skai leather

The 90's

There are signs of use at the bottom, but the stitching is still perfect

Size: 90cm diameter


B&B Italia high back Fat Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Manufacturer: B&B Italia

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Aubergine vilt 

Pre-owned April 2012

Very good condition

Label present underneath

Size centimeters: 111H x 95W x 95D

Size inches: 43.70H x 37.40W x 37.40D


Yngve Ekström parlor set for Pastoe

Designer: Yngve Ekström
Producer: Pastoe
Orignal fabrik
Fabrik is perfect
Bought from the first owner

The set consists of a stool, a 2-seater bench
and chair bench.
Can be a perfect match in an office space or a waiting room

The wood frame is in very good vintage condition.
The fabric is in pristine condition

Size inches:
Stool 17H x 25W x 23D
2 seater 17H x 48.5w x 23D
bench with chair 27.5H x 48.5W x 27.5D Seat 17H x 19D

Size cm:
Stool 44cm H x 63cm W x 58cm D
2 seater 44cm H x 123cm W x 58cm D
bench with stool 70cm H x 123cm W x 70cm D - Seat 44cm H x 48cm D


Durlet three-seater
Calf skin leater
olive/brown color
Dark oak wooden feet 

Very good vintage design

Size inches: 36H x 81W x 36D Seat: 18H
Size centimeters: 91H x 206W x 94D Seat: 46H

"Durlet was established in 1966 ... the best grades of leather, sourced from the most respected tanneries in Europe, are transformed into unique seating furniture with Belgian craftmanship. They are of course still designed by acclaimed designers ..."
(source; Durlet.com)