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Pair Abbondinterni bookcases
Office furniture
Palisander veneer
smoked glass doors
aluminum accents
fully functional

Perfect vintage condition!

Size per item:
inches 70H x 41W x 14.5D
cm 178cm H x 105cm W x 37cm D


Hollywood Regency dining table & 6 armchairs

Impressive dining set 
Hollywood Regency - Belgo chrom 

smoked glass top with rounded sides
messing base 

brass and red copper
upholstery is in perfect condition

Amazing vintage condition!
It does have some wear but it is consistent to age and use

Size inches:
Table 28H x 79W x 39.5D
Chairs 32H x 21W x 17.5D - Seat 18H x 16.5W - Arms 27H

Size cm:
Table 71cm H x 178cm W x 100cm D
Armchairs 81cm H x 54cm W x 44cm D - Seat 46cm H x 42cm D - arms 68cm H


Melamine & teak low side table

Melanine top and sides
Teak veneer drawers front
Aluminum base

Very good vintage condition

inches 13H x 23.5W x 16.5D
cm 33cm H x 60cm H x 42cm D


Melamine & teak low sideboard

Melanine top and sides
Teak veneer doors and drawers fronts
Aluminum base

Very good vintage condition

inches 24H x 47W x 17D
cm 61cm H x 120cm H x 43cm D


Set of 6 Giroflex chairs
model 8019
bend oak chairs
original wool upholstery

Labels present

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 36H x 21W x 25D seat 19
Size centimeters: 88H x 51W x 62D seat 46


Yngve Ekström parlor set for Pastoe

Designer: Yngve Ekström
Producer: Pastoe
Orignal fabrik
Fabrik is perfect
Bought from the first owner

The set consists of a stool, a 2-seater bench
and chair bench.
Can be a perfect match in an office space or a waiting room

The wood frame is in very good vintage condition.
The fabric is in pristine condition

Size inches:
Stool 17H x 25W x 23D
2 seater 17H x 48.5w x 23D
bench with chair 27.5H x 48.5W x 27.5D Seat 17H x 19D

Size cm:
Stool 44cm H x 63cm W x 58cm D
2 seater 44cm H x 123cm W x 58cm D
bench with stool 70cm H x 123cm W x 70cm D - Seat 44cm H x 48cm D


Niels Gammelgaard
Dining table
for Ikea
Model: Moment
Grey metal frame
Matt glass top

The dining table is in very good vintage condition.
The glass has no chips and the frame is perfect

Size inches: 28.5H x 79W x 33.5D
Size cm: 72cm H x 200cm W x 85cm D


Belgo Chrom Dewulf coffee table
Travertine top
Brushed copper
Gold accents
Rectangular in shape

The travertine top is in pristine condition. 
The frame is in good vintage condition with 
some scratches according to use and age

Size inches:
13H x 53.5W x 34D
Size cm:
33H x 136W x 86D


De Sede S50 relax & Ottoman

Tulip base
De Sede
Model S50
Soft calf leather
Brown leather
De Sede logo woven into the fabric underneath

The chair and ottoman are in very good vintage condition.
There is discolouration due to sun but no tears or animal scratches

Size inches:
Relax 37.5H x 27.5W x 34D - Seat 18H x 19.5D
Ottoman 15.5H x 24W x 19.5D

Size cm:
Relax 95cmH x 70cm W x 86cm D - Seat 46cm H x 50cm D
Ottoman 39cm H x 61cm W x 46cm D


Orchidee sofa by Michel Cadestin for Airborn
fiberglass shell
brown leather
space age
original tag

condition is very good according to the age of the sofa

Size cm: 79H x 65W x 88D - seat 39H - Seat 54D - Total 200cm long


Michel Dumas plexi side table

fume plexi

chromed metal

on wheels 

France - 1970's

Scratching is according to age

condition very good

Size cm: 47H x 40b x 40D 


Black Belgo Chrom Coffee table

Belgo Chrom Dewulf
Coffee table
Clear glass top
Smoked glass shelf with gold accent

Very good vintage condition!
May have some scratches according to the age and use

Size inches: 23.5H x 47W x 15.5D
Size centimeters: 39cm H x 120 cm W x 60 cm D


Coat rack with umbrellastand
White metal liner for umbrellas
Mirror is not beveled
Origin France
Early 20th century

The condition is pristine according to age and use

Size inches: 89H x 32.5W x 10.5D
Size centimeters: 226cm H x 83cm W x 26cm D


Blue leather relax chair
Rolf Benz
Model 6500
Designed by Matthias Hoffmann
Recliner is in perfect condition

Size inches: 41.5H x 29.5W x 35.5D - Seat 17.5H x 22D
Size centimeters: 105cm H x 75cm W x 90cm D - Seat 45cm H x 56cm D

"... The recliner has great seating comfort, just like the 6500 sofa. And it has the same timeless design.  The armchair is fitted with a relaxed tilting function. When you sit down and lean against the backrest, the recliner adjusts itself into a relaxed position. ..." 
(source: Rolf Benz experience center)


Abbondinterni executive desk
Office furniture
Palisander veneer
brushed steel base
fully functional

Amazing vintage condition!

inches 29.5 H x 82 W x 35.5D - Side 24H x 71.5W x 20D
cm 75cm H x 209cm W x 90cm D - Side 61cm H x 182cm W x 50cm D

Pair of hexagonal coffee tables by Victor Wilkens for G-plan in prestine condition

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 17H x 28.5W x 27.5D
Size centimeters: 43H x 72W x 70D


Blue leather Rolf Benz sofa and 2 armchairs
Model 322
Designed by Anita Schmidt
2-seater plus 2 armchairs
late 1980's - 1987
Sofa and armchairs are in perfect condition
Matching pillow is included the price

Size inches:
Sofa: 26H x 74.5W x 33D - Seat 16H x 24.5W
Armchairs: 36H x 34W x 27.5D - Seat 16H x 20D
Size cm:
Sofa: 66cm H x 189cm W x 84cm D - Seat 40cmH x 62cm D
Armchairs: 92cm H x 86cm W x 70cm D - Seat 40cm H x 51cm D

" The Rolf Benz 322 is a real design classic. The Sofa and matching armchair were designed by Anita Schmidt and introduced by Rolf Benz in 1987.
Striking was the special design: with it outwards-facing legs, the couch seemed light, almost floating. Moreover the sofa was exceptionally comfortable due to its high oblique armrests. ..." (Source; Rolf Benz experience center)


Designed by Castelli
Made by Piretti
Model Planta
Coat rack with umbrella stand
Plastic and Metal

Very good condition for the age and use

Mid 20th Century

Size cm: 170H x diameter 47
Size inches: 67H x 18.5 in diameter


Belgo chrom console

smoked glass top

gold plated & chrome

Belgium 1970's

condition is good

Size inches: 32H x 38W x 15.5D
Size centimeters: 82cm H x 97cm W x 40cm D


Techno office chair
Modus 5 model
Designed by Osvaldo Borsani
Color red - Fabric red
Fiberglas reinforced plastic shell & armrests
Polished cast aluminum base
Swivel base with castors
In very goo condition according to the age of the chair
Minor scratches on the plastic (see photo)

Size inches: 30H x 23W x 21D 
Size cm: 74cm Hx 56cm W x 53cm D


Brown leather planter by De Sede
DS47 series
Square shape
Brown stitched leather body
Original metal liner

Very good condition according to the age of the item

1970's - Switserland

Size cm: 37cm H x 42cm W x 42cm D
Size inches: 14.5H x 16.5W x 16.5D


Brown leather column/pedestal by De Sede
Hexagonal shape
Brown stitched leather body
Mirrored top
DS 47 series
Very good condition according to the age of the item

1970's - Switserland

Size cm: 62cm h x 34cm w
Size inches: 24H x 13W 


Chrome base dining room table with smoked glass oval top

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 


Wide view painting of boats
oil on canvas
Signed but unreadable

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 
Size cm: 28cm High x 122cm long