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Art Deco bowl

Signed J D'Avesn 



Size centimeters: 4,5H x 15 diameter

Size inches: 1.77H x 5.90 diamter

Art Deco style 

Aluminium tray

Oak wooden handels


Slight scratches according to age and use

Size centimeters: 1,5H x 45W x 30D

Size inches: 0.59H x 17.71W x 11.81D

Cute little presse papier

Bohemian? Murano? Sticker unreadable


MCM 1970's

Size inches: 2.36 x 2.36 x 2.36

Size centimeters: 6 x 6 x 6

Small pink Val Saint Lambert vase



Size centimeters: 23.5H x 8 diameter

Size inches: 9.25H x 3.14 diameter

Venetian Murano Gondela

Hand made



Ash tray

Red/orange 7 clear glass

Size centimers: 13H x 31W x 8D

Size inches: 5.11H x 12.20W x 3.14d

Iridescent opaline


In the style of Archimede segues

One little chip

Flavio Poli style?

Size inches: 2,5H x 7W x 6D

Size centimeter 6H x 17,5W x 15,5D

Pair of bookends with dice

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 
Size centimeters: 

Large pink an blue bowl

A Venetian organic glass sculpture center bowl, made on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy. Most likely made by the Cristallo Venezia CCC glassworks. 

made in the sommerso technique. Common characteristics include a distinctive star shaped base, hot worked curled and cut out "maple leaf" shaped rim, and colours that fade from dark to pale or clear.Excellent condition, no chips or cracks, scratches according to age and use

Cobalt blue mixed media painting
Oil on canvas, signed but unreadable

Late 20th Century

Size inches: 20'H x 20'W

Size centimeters: 50H x 50W

Cubist abstract art work

Harlequin picking flower



Wood fibre/chipboard


Size centimeters: 80H x 31W

Size inches: 31.49H x 12.20W

Peacock Bonbonniere

Glazed Terracotta

Art Deco



Very good vintage condition, just one little piece of glazing is missing

Size centimeters: 25H x 30W x 19D

Size inches: 9.84H x 11.81W x 7.48D

Art Deco Coffee and Sugar pot


RGK green stamp

Numbered 580/3406

Manufactured between 1928-1938

Porzellanfabrik Rudolf Kämpf, G.m.b.H., Grünlas

Pink and silver

Size inches: Coffee 8.2H x 8.2W x 3.5D Sugar: 5.5H x 7W x 3.3D

Size centimeters: Coffee 21H x 21W x 9D cm Sugar 14H x 18W x 8,5D cm

Royal Sphinx

Maastricht - Holland

Cigar ashtray

Art Deco

Soft Green

Size inches: 3.5H x 8.6W x 2.7D

Size centimeters: 9H x 22W x 7D

Iridescent opaline with pink

Flower vase

Channeled Murano

In the style of Archimede Seguso

Art Deco - 1940's

The piece is in great vintage condition with age-appropriate wear.

Minuscule chip on the bottom

Size inches:1,5H x 4 diameter

Size centimeters1: 14H x 11 diameter

Iridescent opaline

Single flower vase

No chips

Hand blown (see cut mark underneath)

Size inches: 5H x 3 diameter

Size centimeters: 12,5h x 8 diameter

Glass vase

René Delvenne

Design manager Vals Saint Lambert 1958 -1967

Model VatelAubergine colour

1970's - Belgium

No chips

Verry litle scratches

Size inches: 8H x 6W

Size centimeters: 20H x 15W

Designed by Castelli
Made by Piretti
Model Planta
Coat rack with umbrella stand
Plastic and Metal

Very good condition for the age and use

Mid 20th Century

Size cm: 170H x diameter 47
Size inches: 67H x 18.5 in diameter

Modern painting, oil on canvas, Signed Hollanders

Frame with gold accents

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 36H x 40W
Size centimeters: 91H x 102W

Green Murano bowl




Some scratches underneath

Very good vintage condition no chips

Size centimeters: 7H x 14  diameter

Size inches: 2.75H x 5.51 diameter

Murano glass vase


No chips

Verry little scratches

Handblown (see bubbles)

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 5.5H x 5.5W x 3.5D
Size centimeters: 14H x 14H x 9D

Bright coloured painting of a flower bouquet.
Oil on canvas, Signed by F. Fastre, Dated 6.66

Mid 20th century - 1960's

Size inches: 37,5H x 29W
Size centimeters: 95H x 74W

Pair of onyx marble eggs
This is a wonderful duo of decorative eggs made of onyx
Each egg is unique with the natural pattern of the stone 
and polished to give a smooth surface

Very good vintage condition
It does have minor scratches

Size: 16cm H x 12cm in diameter

These pedestals made by Belgo Chrom - Dewulf in the 1970's.

It features 23 carat gilded metal elements on the corners with smoke mirror tops.
Good condition but it does have one chip on the top mirror and some scratches on the bottom side.

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: 32H X 10W X 10D
Size centimeters: 81H X 25W X 25D

Pair Belgo Chrom Pedestals

interior lights

gold plated, smoke mirror 

glass etageres 

Mid 20th Century

Size inches: